Friday, November 28, 2014

Only FOUR more Fridays!

Hang onto your hats.  It's gonna go fast!

Happy Friday after Thanksgiving!

Be back next week to continue with our Austin trip posts.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

If you are alive today give thanks.  If you slept in a warm bed last night give thanks.  If you had the privilege of starting your day with coffee and or breakfast give thanks.  If today will consist of preparing for tomorrow give thanks.  If you have a place to eat a Thanksgiving meal give thanks.   

My point...In EVERYTHING (even the bad!) give thanks!  

As you start your day take a few minutes to think of all the many little things you can give thanks for.  
I give thanks because God is Good.  I give thanks because I have walked through dark valleys.  I give thanks because HOPE anchors my heart.  I give thanks because I have made two trips this week to the grocery store...and may have to go again today!  It reminds me I have the privilege, freedom and resources to do so.  But many do not!

What if I slowed down for a moment as I am out and about to notice a stranger.  Maybe even make eye contact and say Hello.  

The holidays are here friends.  And for many they are welcomed with high hopes and excitement.  But for many others they are remembered with a heavy, sad heart.  

Let's give thanks together.  And remember that someone you took the time to make feel alive, important and loved may be giving thanks for YOU.

Give thanks and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Road Trip to Austin-Part 2 Mural Art

After we checked in the hotel Friday and unloaded we were once again in the car to go sight seeing.  Then we sat in rush hour traffic for an HOUR!  Finally we gave up and stopped to eat.  After eating supper the rain had briefly stopped so we quickly made our way to a big mural I had been longing to see.  The "Greetings from Austin" mural is located on the northwest corner of Annie and South First street.  A very popular place for taking photos.  I just wish it could have been during the day for better lighting.  BUT for a rainy night these did not come out too bad.

The next pictures are just random murals on the way to Austin and back home.  

Come back Friday for Part 3 to see The Texas State Capitol.