Monday, December 8, 2014

Two Simple DIY Cranberry Garlands

These two garlands are so simple!  Promise.  And you just might have all ingredients in your home, garage or garden.

The first one up is popcorn and whole cranberries.  This was actually an activity we did during an Advent devotional last week. I could not get over I had never thought of this before.  I simply used fishing line and a large needle to string the popcorn and cranberries.  After it was done I added plaid ribbon to the ends.

And then I had so many cranberries left over I had to come up with something else.  First begin by searching your husband's stash (or maybe yours) for galvanized wire.  Next cut fresh rosemary from your yard (or go buy some).  Cut the wire to desired size of wreath...mine was about 16 inches.  Mini ones would be so cute attached to gifts!

"Thread" the wire through cranberries until full.  Bend wire to connect and cut excess wire to finish.  Lay rosemary on wreath and tie ribbon.

Both are so festive for the Christmas season.  And super simple.

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