Monday, December 1, 2014

Road Trip to Austin-Part 3 The Texas Capitol

The first night we were in Austin and the rain had slacked off a bit we headed to the Capitol.

At night?  Brant had been there at night and assured me we could go.  I still didn't believe him...until we arrived.  

It was open for business!  And it was amazing!

I am pretty sure going at night made a big difference for me.  Not that seeing it during the day would have been any less amazing, BUT at night it was all lit up and glowing.  It was quiet and a little eerie.

The boys were in awe of how big it was and ran and roamed through it all.  If you are ever in Austin save going to the Capitol at night.  No crowds and it was just more fun being in that BIG place alone...guards were there Mom.

Enjoy the pictures.

I ♥ Texas!!

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