Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Art Niche Redo....AGAIN!

We have lived in our home for twelve years now. And this art niche(which is wasted space!)has gone through so many changes I can't even begin to count them.  Colors and the decorations.

Colors: it's gone from white, to a greyish purple, to a country terracotta, to it's most recent neutral color you'll see below and finally to my new favorite!!!

A blue and greyish brown glaze with a faux finish.

I absolutely love the new look!  It has an old look feel that goes well with all my other decor.  It has the depth the "hole" needed and a nice contrast to the lighter walls around it.
I started out by mixing 4 parts glaze to 1 part paint.  I just used what I had on hand.  I painted it on and then used a rag to blot over the entire surface.  Super easy!  I was fine with it, but something was missing.  Leave it to my super talented, creative and oh so handsome husband to suggest adding just the glaze.
This was before the greyish brown glaze

So I did just that and we LOVED it!!!  I didn't even bother going back over this application with the rag.  The grey glaze filled in where there were lighter areas.....all the places I had used the rag.  And it added the depth we were looking for.  I decided to leave it alone.

 I'll add some dried flowers to my basket and call it done! Do you recognize the old antique window?  That was from my shopping day a few weeks ago!  I love it in the niche!

Anyway I am finally happy with my art niche.  And I love the way the blue peeks through the brownish grey color.  And you can still see a little of the neutral color it was painted before.
 The glaze-rag faux finish is nothing special, but I love the look!  There might be rules for doing this faux finish, but I never have been good at following all the rules.  
Painting is so much fun when you want to change something up in your home. 

You know me I am always looking to have FUN!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

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Danielle said...

It looks awesome Tasha. That window is great too!! What a find;)